What Network does Me Sim use?2020-08-03T14:01:34+10:00

Me Sim is a division of Macarthur Telecom (ABN 92 633 474 076) uses parts of the Telstra Mobile Network with a combined 4G and 3G coverage footprint of more than 98.8% of the Australian population, covering 1.62 million square kilometres.

Can I keep my current number?2020-08-03T14:02:09+10:00

Absolutely! Once you have completed our online signup and have selected the “keep existing mobile number option”, we will send you a Me Sim. Once you receive the Me Sim head over to our activation page

There is no need to contact your current service provider as the porting process will take place automatically.

It’s important to know that your current mobile number must be active for porting to be successful and any requested information (eg date of birth, current service providers account number) must exactly match the current service providers records.

What should I be aware of before transferring to Me Sim?2020-08-03T14:02:32+10:00
  • Make sure your mobile handset is not locked to your current service providers network if you purchased the handset from them directly. You will need to ask your provider and arrange for this to be unlocked in order for your Me Sim to work in your handset.

  • Check if your contract with your current service provider has expired. If you are still contract contact them to find out what the early termination charge fee will be.

  • The mobile number you are wanting to transfer to Me Sim will need to be listed under your own name and personal details.

  • Keep your mobile active – DO NOT cancel your service with your current service provide as we cannot transfer your number if is not active.

How do I transfer my mobile number to Me Sim?2020-08-03T14:02:51+10:00

You will receive a Me Sim to your nominated postal address, once you receive the Me Sim simply log into the Me Sim Activation page on our website.

Please keep your number active with your existing service provider and leave your original sim in your phone until the transfer has been completed

Mobile number transfers can only be submitted between

  • Monday to Friday: 8am – 8pm (AEST)

  • Saturdays: 10am – 6pm (AEST)

  • National Public Holidays: Closed (transfers are not processed on public holidays)

Transfers are generally completed within a few hours between the above porting times. Try to avoid starting your number transfer outside of these hours as they will not occur until the next available day.

How long will the mobile transfer take?2020-08-03T14:03:05+10:00

Most transfers are completed within a few hours. You can continue to use your current mobile providers sim. Once it stops working this is your notification that you can now insert the Me Sim into your mobile device. There may be a short period of service interruption, any service interruptions will only be a limited period.

Activating your Me Sim for your exisiting number?2020-08-03T14:03:41+10:00

Once you receive the Me Sim simply log into the Me Sim Activation page on our website, enter the requested information making sure that the details entered match the details your current mobile service provider has for your service.


Leave your original sim in your phone until the transfer has been completed. You will lose signal on your original sim, at that point please insert your Me Sim into your mobile handset and switch the phone back on.

Welcome to Me Sim and the service you deserve!

Why didn’t my number transfer successfully?2020-08-03T14:03:59+10:00

If your mobile transfer to Me Sim failed this is generally because the details entered did not match the details your current mobile service provider has for you.

That’s ok, you can retry via the Activation page

If your current service is a pre-paid you are only required to enter your date of birth (dd/mm/yyyy). You must be the authorised account holder for this prepaid service.

If your current service is a post-paid (pay month by month), make sure you enter the current account number correctly (check on your most recent bill)

We can only transfer your mobile number if your service is active – DO NOT CANCEL YOUR SERVICE. If you have already cancelled your mobile number, please contact your previous mobile service provider to have the number reactivated. Once reactivated you will be able to restart the transfer via the Activation webpage.

How do I setup or access Voicemail?2020-08-03T14:04:22+10:00

Voicemail can be accessed by dialling 101 from your handset or opening your phone contacts and calling “Voicemail”. When you first dial voicemail, you’ll be prompted to:

  • Supply a PIN (must be six digits long)

  • Re-enter your PIN

  • Record a greeting

If you have any problems, press * to return to the previous menu then press 0 for help.

Please note, when recording your personal greeting message, it cannot be any longer than 1 minute in length.

How to disable location services to avoid additional data charges?2020-08-03T14:04:42+10:00

If you find that you are getting charged regularly for data even if you have turned off your mobile data on your phone, please ensure that your location services is turned off.

If you are using an Android phone, please go to Settings ->Location and disable this function. Also check if the location mode is set to GPS only.

If you have an iPhone / iPad, please go to Settings -> Privacy -> Location Services and turn Location Services off.

Also ensure that your apps do not update by going to Settings -> General -> Background App Refresh and turn the setting to Off to turn if off for all apps.

By doing this, the phone will no longer constantly check your location or ping nearby mobile towers.

Trouble Shooting issues with Calls or SMS/MMS?2020-08-03T14:05:11+10:00

Phone Calls:

If you are experiencing problems with making or receiving a call please try your Me Sim in a different handset so that we can rule out the possibility that the handset is the issue.

If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us on 1300 109 309 – Option 3 “faults and technical support” and we will run through some specific checks and will endeavour to have your service up and running as soon as possible.


If you are experiencing issues with SMS / MMS and are able to confirm that it is not associated with your imessage/icloud service (for iPhone users) or Android Messages (for Android users) please contact us on 1300 109 309 – Option 3 “faults and technical support” you will need to provide the following to assist in troubleshooting potential network concern

  • The time and date you attempted to send or receive the message (within a 24 hour time period)

  • The number you attempted to send to, or receive from

  • Please provide three different examples before we can investigate.

What do I do if I’ve lost my Me Sim?2020-08-03T14:05:34+10:00

Log into your Me Sim Online account access and check if there has been any usage from when you lost the sim

If your device has a “location feature “ (on iPhones – Find My iPhone), use this to locate where your device may be, if it is showing at a location that is not familiar to you contact the police for safety reasons rather than recovering the handset yourself.

Please contact Me Sim on 1300 109 309 so we can block your sim card and to send you a new sim card.

How do I receive my bills?2020-08-03T14:05:51+10:00

You can choose to receive a paper bill in the post, you will be charged $2.20 each month for a paper bill. Alternatively, you can choose an electronic bill via email. In the interests of sustainability, Me Sim encourages the reduction of paper usage. You will also have access to your account via your customer login details. Simply sign into your customer portal and monitor all your usage and charges.

What uses my data and what does upload and download mean?2020-08-03T14:06:02+10:00

Upload means the information / data being sent from your mobile handset to the internet e.g. clicking on a webpage, sending an email, clinking on social media etc.

Download means the information / data your device receives from the internet e.g. when you connect to Netflix, emails, apps, social media.

My mobile suddenly stopped working and I have no coverage, what should I do?2020-08-03T14:06:22+10:00

Don’t panic! Please turn your phone off  wait a few minutes and then turn it back on, in most cases your phone will start working as normal. If you are still experiencing problems, please contact us on 1300 109 309 Option 3 for Faults and Technical support and our support staff will assist you.